External Faculty Development Opportunities

The Faculty Development Bulletin Board  (“the e-board”) is intended to be a resource for Bryn Mawr College faculty.

Bryn Mawr College affiliates and members of the College’s communities may post information about faculty development opportunities.

The e-board is a moderated, Bryn Mawr College site.

Messages posted on the e-board are, however, the opinions of subscribers only. Messages are not and should not be taken as a position of or an endorsement by Bryn Mawr College (“the College”).

Bryn Mawr College affiliates should always use other sources of information in conjunction with postings on the e-board when making decisions about faculty development opportunities.

The College does not guarantee the accuracy of any message posted on the Forum, and outdated, erroneous and/or biased opinions are inevitable. The College will not be responsible for problems that may arise from your use of opinions or links found on the e-board.

Bryn Mawr Professional Development Opportunities


How can I post information to this site?

How can I receive updates about recent posts?

Can I use the Faculty Travel Pool or the Faculty Research Pool for these opportunities?


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